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Picture of Laura, life coach working in Brussels


I’m Laura, an Italian expat who has made Brussels her home since 2015, captivated by the city's charm and ever-changing personality!

Since 2022, I've been on a fulfilling journey to become a life coach—a profession that seamlessly blends together my passion for helping people with my love for learning about the mind.

My Story

Before stepping into coaching, my path led me through the dynamic world of NGOs in Brussels' EU bubble. While rewarding, it never quite felt like my true calling. Something was missing, and I often found myself feeling lost, overwhelmed and uncertain about my identity and desires.

In the quest to find my place in Brussels' political landscape, I pushed hard to make the most of my choices, even when they didn't resonate with the authentic me. Despite my efforts, doubts persisted, and I felt increasingly out of sync, eventually leading to two burnouts.


These burnouts became my wake-up call, urging me to prioritize self-discovery and healing. I made the decision to listen to my intuition, embarking on a complete life overhaul. I sought a career that would nurture my interests, adapt to my lifestyle and needs and allow me to have a meaningful impact on others' lives.


My mission is now clear: to empower you with the confidence and strength to lead a life that brings you joy and pride, a life filled with energy, that moves with your rhythm and that inspires you to grow!


Got a question? Drop me an email or a call and let's talk about your project!

I'd love to get more details on your story and to answer all your questions, so we can see if we’re a good match!

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